Stand Table 1 — California House AS
Babcock winery

Babcock Pinot Noir 2018

USA, Santa Barbara County
Pinot Noir
Price category: $$
Sonoma Coast Syrah 2017
Napa Valley Chardonnay 2018
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Anders Nilsson
Principal / Owner, California House AS


Sjur Jenssen (attending)
Local importer / agent, California House AS


The wine offers a richness and complexity that suggests a Pinot Noir that is more expensive. Its Central Coast earthiness is center stage in an aroma that is enveloped by cherries, herbs and a touch of rhubarb. On the palate, it has a nice fruit weight with fine tannins that are nicely placed but by no means over bearing. Yes, this Rita’s Earth Pinot should age well. While it’s a pleasure to drink now, it is still just a baby, and should continue to spread its wings over the next few years. Also, being a little more on the delicate side, it’s the perfect red wine for chilling down in summer.



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